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Because each student's needs are unique and families request different types of individualized services, we highly encourage you to book a free consultation to chat more and get your pricing questions answered.  We are always happy to provide a sliding scale rate to make coaching and tutoring accessible for everyone.  Our tutoring and coaching packages INCLUDE COMPLIMENTARY AND CONVENIENT STUDENT SUPPORT WITHOUT additional charges such as:  

Free 1:1 Homework Help


Free 1:1 Mini Executive Function Courses 


Free 1:1 Writing Support 


Free 1:1 College Coaching 



Free 1:1 Career/Resume Support 



Comprehensive Support For Your Child: 

Our Certified Expert of 18 years can meet both your child's ADHD AND academic hidden needs.  You simply don't get this level of deep support by working with ADHD professionals who are not Certified Educators, but WE ARE A Certified Educator And ADHD Expert as well as a Higher Education Specialist (That's 3 In 1). We get your child's ADHD and Academic Hidden Needs. Plus,  we offer both QUALITY and AFFORDABILITY because We Care.  Book a free consultation now!  We look forward to learning more about your child's needs.  

“TPT Teaching and Coaching is exceptionally unique. A beautiful support service indeed. You coach and speak from experience. It's very inspiring how you have a positive influence on my son. A delightful moment was when he said: “she instructs and encourages me to finish a very challenging paper.”

~Parent of a 12th Grader, July 2023




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