All Learning Is Emotional: Keeping Your Student Motivated During Homeschooling

| by Thuy Truong, M.A. Ed., TPT Teaching and Coaching, 11/3/2020|

I have to admit, I do enjoy the jolt of satisfaction when I can get through to a student. The catch is every student is different, so what works with one student may not work with the next student. There is no magic formula; the formula is there is none. I remember back in the day when I taught high school English I very often had only 5 minutes to inspire a student to work harder and refrain from socializing with their neighbors instead of working on the assignment. It was often an overly ambitious five-minute crusade in the hallway since I didn’t want to put the rest of the class on hold just for one student. On most days, it worked. That was because I always remembered the brain-based learning research that all learning is emotional (Educational Leadership). That simply means before I can get the student on board to do anything, I have to be able to convince the student emotionally. This professional belief still applies to this day. I believe this is the secret ingredient in fostering and maintaining a student’s motivation during the cognitive process of learning, but especially during virtual instruction.