Due to COVID-19's distance learning, many students experience significant setbacks in achievement. Learning loss can affect students' long-term school performance if educational enrichments are not put in place. For this reason, we are offering Executive Function Summer Bootcamps to help students leverage critical skills like organization, homework management, and study skills.

-4 Consecutive Sessions (over 4 weeks, small pods style)

-$70 per online session (Duration: 50 min/session)

Topics will be covered: 

  1. How to prepare for a successful school year.
  2. How to stay on top of deadlines and homework. 
  3. How to plan backwards  and create cushion time. 
  4. How to use a planner as a goal setting tool.
  5. How to create and maintain a daily plan. 
  6. How to know when to get help and how to ask for it. 

Executive Function Summer Bootcamps (4 Sessions)