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Studies show early executive function training can significantly improve long-term academic performance and future career prospects.  For this reason, we are offering Summer Executive Function Concise Training to help your student leverage critical skills like organization, time and homework management, study skills, sustained attention, planning, and self-advocacy to achieve long-term success.

-6 Consecutive Sessions (over 4 weeks, 1:1 interactive, virtual instruction)

-60 min/session

What you will learn: 

Session 1: How to prepare for a successful school year.

Session 2: How to stay on top of deadlines and homework. 

Session 3: How to plan backwards  and create cushion time. 

Session 4: How to use a planner as a goal setting tool.

Session 5: How to create and maintain a daily plan. 

Session 6: How to know when to get help and how to ask for it. 


Student Reviews: 

"I hadn’t thought of using whiteboards or the notes app for reminders. I also hadn’t realized that there were so many different modes of reminder creation and that it is better to use more than just one. When deciding which tools to use, you should be aware of the resources available, such as which medium you have access to (you can’t create a bulletin board reminder without a bulletin board), how long the reminder is (would it fit on a post-it note?), and when you might need the reminder (if the reminder is at home and you’re not, that reminder does nothing for you).​  ​Regularly sorting/cleaning out your backpack/other things regularly and organizing anything you may need to keep for the future.  It is helpful because it makes sure that the items are easily available for future use while keeping your backpack light(er) and organized.​ ​" ~10th Grader, July 2021


"I like your strategies of chunking, and categorizing time, and writing everything down to visualize the day.  It helps me overcome “this is insurmountable” ADHD kind of feeling."  ~College Freshman, Aug. 2021


"I learned how to use the Cornell notes to quiz myself and better remember information by covering up the original notes and rewriting the information.  It would benefit me by helping me remember information I learn in lectures so that I can use it on tests. I like how you have me do activities for each of the things you teach me so that I can learn how to do them properly and put the strategies into use in the future.  I like how you create fun activities to go with each thing you teach. They are both effective in helping me learn and fun for me to do."  ~Rising 9th Grader, June 2021


"Well, she gives understanding and doesn't act like something is wrong with her clients.   Strategies to plan my work are exactly what I need." ~College Sophomore, May 2021



(6 Online Sessions) Executive Function Concise Training

  • Click here for real student and parents' testimonials. 

  • Thuy Truong, M.A. Ed., Executive Function Expert & English Instructor

    -Graduated summa cum laude in English & Secondary Education (MA in Ed Supervision)

    -Former tenured high school and college instructor (Wheelock College, Urban College of Boston, San Jose State University)

    -16 years experience in teaching and coaching diverse students (11 yrs in Special Ed)

    -Trained with Syracuse University, Americans With Disabilities Act

    -Executive Function Expert

    -Certified Coach

    -Licensed Professional Educator (7th-12th), Massachusetts & Arizona Department of Education

    Read more here.  

    Professional Affiliations:  

    • Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)
    • ADDitude
    • Massachusetts Department of Elementary  and Secondary Education

    • Arizona Department of Education

    • National Tutoring Association 

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