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According to Stanford research, it shows how "neurons in the brain can grow new connections when effort is applied. Plus, when students learn that they can actually get smarter and grow new brain cells by trying harder, their test scores improve.” This is why we have created the Improving Critical Thinking Bundle for High Schoolers. Critical thinking truly is the cornerstone of all cognitive skills, once your child unlocks critical thinking, it will open new intellectual pathways for your child.


This critical thinking bundle includes:

  • Inference skills
  • Analysis skills
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Literature interpretation skills
  • 360-Degree thinking skills
  • Self-regulation skills
  • Self-compassion skills
  • Perspective-taking skills
  • Creative thinking skills


Student Reviews:

-"This is so fun. I've learned so much." -9th Grader

-"This is helpful to know all the different ways you can think. This is helpful for my future studies because it teaches you to step inside the other persons mind. If you want to learn analysis skills this is it." -10th Grader

-Letter from Honors English.  Read full letter here.




Improving Critical Thinking Bundle for High Schoolers

  • Thuy Truong, M.A. Ed., Executive Function Expert & English Instructor

    -Graduated summa cum laude in English & Secondary Education (MA in Ed Supervision)

    -Former tenured high school and college instructor (Wheelock College, Urban College of Boston, San Jose State University)

    -16 years experience in teaching and coaching diverse students (11 yrs in Special Ed)

    -Trained with Syracuse University, Americans With Disabilities Act

    -Executive Function Expert

    -Certified Coach

    -Licensed Professional Educator (7th-12th), Massachusetts & Arizona Department of Education

    Read more here.  


    Professional Affiliations:  

    • Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)
    • ADDitude
    • Massachusetts Department of Elementary  and Secondary Education

    • Arizona Department of Education

    • National Tutoring Association 

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