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Thriving With ADHD

Soaring With Independence 

Happy parents

Our Mission: 
We help students achieve independence by meeting their hidden needs, so families can do more togetherness.   




SpECIAL NEEDS And General TUTORING(English) 

Teaching excellence and personalized curriculum to support student success from middle school to college level 




Individualized strategies to help the student get unstuck and move towards autonomy for teens and adults




Support students with college insider knowledge and credentialed teacher's expertise on test-taking skills 

We Are Here For You! 

Can the coach come to my son's school to coach after school?  Sure thing!

There's a quiet room at my school, can we have sessions there?  You bet.
Can you meet me at my nearest library? Yes.
Can the coach come to my home for sessions?  Can do! 
I am on a college campus, can we meet at my campus' library for sessions?  Absolutely!  

My schedule fluctuates a lot, can we have sessions online for ease instead?  Done! 

During summertime, can we have sessions at the beach or in a park?  Why yes! 

Get Started Today!  

TPT Listens!

Our Students: 

Executive functioning skills 1
Middle School 
Executive Function
Executive Function Skills 2
High School 
ADHD Coach For Adults

Our Approach:


Executive Function 1
Assess the student's skill levels and learning style 


Executive Function 2
strengthen student's autonomy and independence by designing  personalized strategies backed by science and research


Executive Function 3
Help students integrate 
new tips and tools into 
daily living implementation

The Double Advantage FOR YOUR CHILD 
Real Teacher = Real Curriculum

We get your Child!
Bonus: On more than one level.

ELA Tutoring Online


We understand the whole student from both the ADHD/LD side and the academic side. So learning becomes less of a battle at home and you see more independence from your child.  

Executive Function Challenges


We make learning academically rewarding and soulfully fun for our students. That way, academic skills can later translate easily into life skills. 

Executive Function Skills By Age


We listen to our students and parents with our full heart.  We are able to meet students' evolving needs in real time by listening to students' and parents' feedback. 

Executive Function Of The Brain


We give students the inside scoop on university success using our lived  experience and insider knowledge of 18 years as a university specialist. We prepare students for college, the workplace, and beyond. 

Executive function meaning


We combine the best of ADHD Science and Learning Science to maximize our students' outcomes and  meet our students' most hidden needs. That way, you can focus on your relationship with your child. 

Executive Functioning Coach


We nurture and nourish our students' intelligence, inner joy, and well-being. We help students gain self-acceptance and self-confidence to lead a life of meaning and fulfillment.  

Current Grade
double advantage curriculum
Executive Function Brain

expert of ADHD

We give students roadmaps to independence and autonomy.

We meet
Both  students'
ADHD/LD and Academic
HIDDEN Needs. 


ADHD Coaching For Students

Expert of Academics

We teach in the way that students learn best.
WhyTPT_June 2023.jpg
College Tutoring Online

I just read J.'s essay. 
I was both pleased and impressed by her interpretation and her articulation. You are clearly setting high standards for her and guiding her well. We appreciate the attention you give her and the standards you strive to have J. achieve. 
-Parent of a 9th Grader, Mar. 2021


I am able to recognize the missing puzzle in the student's learning and personalize that solution in a language that is unique to that student. I invent a new language for every child.

Thuy Truong, M.A. Ed.

ADHD And Academics Expert 

"Thuy exudes a wealth of knowledge in what she does. Whenever I meet her, I always leave more informed and comfortable with the situation at hand. What I really appreciate about Thuy is that she empathises with the people whom she serves."

White Feather

"Thuy goes above and beyond. She is a real gem."

White Structure
Executive Function Coaching For Kids

"Thank you Thuy! Whatever you have been, doing, talking about and planning is working. He truly has a pep in his step and motivation to get things done when he gets off the zoom call with you!!"

​-Mother of a 7th Grader, Dec. 2020

I like scheduling, planning, and sequencing.

It’s fun to have plans for fun and some sort of accountability with another partner like working with a coach. 


12th Grader, May 2021

Executive Function Skills
Executive Functioning Skills
College ADHD Tips
He seems to have turned them into habits, largely due to her patient reminders and articulation of benefits.

"Thuy has been a great coach for K. and I think he has developed good study habits and time management thanks to her counseling.  K. has been able to put into practice many skills she has coached him on. He seems to have turned them into habits, largely due to her patient reminders and articulation of benefits. We greatly appreciate your counseling."


Mother of an 11th Grader, Oct. 2020

College ADHD Planner

“I really appreciate you listening. I was at a low point and you helped me catch up with your study plans.  I got all lower B’s in one semester.” 

-College Junior (Bio Major)
San Jose State University  

"Thanks Thuy your coaching sessions are spot-on target."


-Parent of a 10th Grader, March 2021

"I remember when I was going through a difficult situation academically and emotionally, she encouraged me not to drop courses and work harder. She tried to talk to me and understand me like a friend... Thanks, Thuy." 

-Freshman at Harvard

"I am extremely satisfied with Thuy’s coaching.  She is highly  anticipatory of the students needs. 👍..  It is extremely likely that I would recommend her to another parent."

-Parent of a 12th Grader, Sept. 2021


College ADHD Coach

You Talk 

After you've completed the contact form, parent gets to chat with an education expert to assess your child's needs. 

College Tutoring Services

We Listen

With your child's needs in mind, our licensed professional educator uses that information to create a personalized success plan for your child.

College Tutoring Online

We Help

After the first session, you will receive a session summary from your child's expert educator in 24 hours.  Your feedback is welcome anytime to ensure your child shines in and outside the classroom.


Book A Free Consult Now!  

Appointments 2 for Contact Link
ADHD Coaches For Kids

This is genius.

"Now, I see the error of my ways.  I used to do everything in one day, and I’d  get burned out easily.  This is genius; this is like magic.  I feel like no one knows this. This planning sheet is like a master plan.  It’s like you’re getting stuff done without even feeling it.  I think this is going to work for me."  


-7th Grader, STEM School 

Nov. 2020

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