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More FREE Resources Below! 

More Free Resources:
-Free Information Processing Quiz (Instant Results) Below!!!
-The latest learning hacks
-Free Executive Function Self-Quiz 
-Free ADHD/LD Hotline (Book Free Daily)

Your child deserves to be understood.  Sign up for free resources below.

Student & Parent Resources


Concise literature on different learning disabilities. 

The National Center for Learning Disabilities: 

NCLD is committed to assist LD students with college preparedness and independent living.

LD Online: 

Comprehensive information about learning disabilities.


A guide to understanding your child's needs.


 For more learning hacks daily, join our educational community of parents and students for online learning and executive function resources on Facebook. Chat with other parents and students who may go through the same thing as you. 

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How does your child encode/intake information? Discover Your Child's Encoding Traits Now! Make Learning Stick Now!  

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Learning Style Quiz

How To Survive Online Learning According To A Real High School Senior

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Tips By Students For Students

TPT Teaching and Coaching 

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