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Students' Words

What It's Like To Work with Thuy ? 

Heading 5

-Biology Major at San Jose State University, Dec. 2019

(EF Coaching)

“I really appreciate you listening. I was at a low point and you helped me catch up with your study plans.  I got all lower B’s in one semester.”  

I was at a low point and you helped me.

     -7th Grader at Kennedy Middle School,  Dec. 2019

(EF Coaching & English Tutoring)

“I like how you never tell me the exact answer when I have a question on what to do in my writing, instead you help me figure it out for myself.  I like this because figuring things out for myself allows me to learn these ideas better.  You are a very fun person to learn with, and I have learned a lot about planning, writing arguments, and summarizing from you. You are funny, and tell me things in a humorous way that lets me learn them better.  You come up with fun activities to help me learn and practice new concepts.”

-9th Grader at Bellarmine College Prep, Aug. 2020

(EF Coaching)

"You give step-by-step answers to the questions that I have.  I really like that."

You give step-by-step answers.


Dear Sir/Madam:

As an international student from Belize, I have known and been in communication with Thuy Truong for over one year. With her effectiveness and efficiency, I hereby write this letter of recommendation with no hesitation. For the period of time I have known Thuy, I must admit that she is organized, dedicated to her duties and most importantly, very helpful to international students like myself. Due to her loyalty and exuberant character, my stay here in Boston transitioned smoothly throughout this year. Let me not forget to mention, that Thuy is also an initiator, who find ways to make international students at Wheelock College have the best experience possible. In support of this unselfish character, she facilitates an International Connections Mentoring Program so that students like myself from foreign countries can feel more welcomed and connected with one another.

As an icon of success and determination, Thuy is a person that is always in high spirits and can make a person feel that everything is possible once you work for it. She is truly a great international student advisor and makes one feels like the sky is the limit after speaking with her. I am sure that whatever plans she has for her future career will be for the benefit of both herself and the other lives that she may touch with her warm attitude.

Respectfully yours,


Sylvia Sabal

(International Student – Wheelock College)

November 2017

Thuy is a person that is always in high spirits ... makes one feels like the sky is the limit after speaking with her.

-10th Grader at Independence High School, March 2012

(English Tutoring & Test Prep)

"I feel like you're just like one of us.  You relate to us very easily.  I feel good about the test since I chose answers that I think you would choose."

You relate to us very easily.

 -Integrated Science Major at Wheelock College, May 2015

(Advising & Coaching)

"I find Thuy’s style of mentoring to be very useful in my academic success this semester. Thuy uses her first hand experience in college to aid students. She genuinely cares about the success of her advisees and is willing to reach out when help is needed. Her desire to help her advisees shows through her tips for success and her ability to point out strengths in a student. She is a great mentor and will continue to be because of her experiences and dedication to her advisees."

She is a great mentor. 

 -Undergraduate International Student From India, Aug. 2015

(Advising & Coaching)

"Thuy was my International advisor and helped students with immigration/ student status related queries. She is very professional in her approach and always makes time for students. She is highly communicative and responds very soon. Even though she is so good at professionalism, she does not forget to humanize it and connects with students at a personal level to help them further and make them more comfortable.  I remember when I was going through a difficult situation academically and emotionally, she encouraged me not to drop courses and work harder. She tried to talk to me and understand me like a friend, helped me understand what I needed to correct and genuinely showed care and concern. She understood how staying away from home for the first time, thousands of miles away as an international student could affect me. She gave me valuable advice and helped me with motivation when I needed it. Thanks, Thuy. “

She encouraged me not to drop courses and work harder.

She tried to talk to me and understand me like a friend.

"One amazing ​thing that I learned about writing that I recently learned is ​adding dramatic details. ​Adding details help make writing more dramatic and exciting. My writing has changed so much because my writing before I was introduced to ​dramatic details was very bland and boring and writer’s block was holding me back in english class, and now I can write a lot of d​etails​​ in just a few minutes."
8th Grader, Jan. 2021

I know she genuinely cares, and that I can trust her.

"I am so thankful and delighted that Thuy is the go-to-person at the International Students Office. Her work ethic is nothing short of admirable.

I first met Thuy when I had an issue with my i-94 documentation and she helped me to navigate through the issue. Through the whole process, Thuy showed an immense attention to detail as well as an eagerness to help. Her communication was clear and timely, and she made great efforts to keep me updated on changes from SEVIS. The impression that she left off was both professional and disarming at the same time, making it so enjoyable to work with her.

Since then, I have been approaching Thuy for help frequently. Thuy exudes a wealth of knowledge in what she does. Whenever I meet her, I always leave more informed and comfortable with the situation at hand. What I really appreciate about Thuy is that she empathises with the people whom she serves. If the matter I presented to her pertained to something she is well-versed in, she has always made sure that I was on the same page with her, providing thorough information and explanation. If ever there was a topic that we were both unfamiliar with, we would problem solve together and she would conduct research on her own time after our meeting. After every encounter, she has not failed to send an encouraging follow-up email. Through these things I know she genuinely cares, and that I can trust her.

Thuy goes above and beyond. She is a real gem and any organization would be blessed to have her as part of their team."

-Graduate International Student From Taiwan, Jan. 2017


Really helped

"You said it can only go wrong if you never get started on things.  Yeah, that really helped."

-9th grader at Bellarmine College Prep, Sept. 2020 

Middle Schooler, Jan. 2021

"Before writing was so dreadful with Writer's Block, now I feel writing is wonderful because I no longer sit in a chair for 3 hours trying to think of something to write about.


Thuy’s lessons are packed with information. I feel as though in one week of Thuy classes I can learn, and understand, the amount of work any other teacher would cover within two.

English is one of my favorite subjects and to have a teacher like Thuy for this subject is delightful. Thuy is a straightforward, precise, and fast-paced teacher, her teaching styles are ones that I enjoy. When Thuy states something, there is no hidden meaning behind it, unless previously implied. There is nothing unnecessary and everything can be understood near-perfect after a couple of revisions.


Thuy is a perfectionist and that comes through in her teaching as well. Occasionally I felt as though the classes were repeating themselves. As if Thuy was teaching the same thing over and over again. Yet, that was not it. Through these repetitious lessons, I grew to understand the topic in more depth and how to apply it with more ease. The layout and precision of the five-paragraph essay, for example, was something I felt Thuy constantly went back to and was always reemphasizing. But as we kept going back to it, my skills in the five-paragraph essay deepened and now I feel as if writing and understanding a five-paragraph essay is considerably easier than it was at first. I am greatly inspired by Thuy’s clear-cut and on-point teaching styles.


Thuy also comes to teach with an atmosphere of enjoyment. It feels as though she is pleased to teach in every class and always has a different perspective or a new concept to explain during it. Thuy’s lessons are packed with information. I feel as though in one week of Thuy classes I can learn, and understand, the amount of work any other teacher would cover within two. Knowing how fast I can progress under Thuy’s instruction is extremely satisfying. Thuy fast-paced classes and heavy assignments can be hard to keep up with, but she continuously makes sure that I am on track and will slow down if needed at any given point.


Thuy’s classes are ones I can look forward to. One’s I know I will learn something new in, and one’s I know I can gain from. To learn English from a direct and engaging person like Thuy is truly pleasing. 


9th Grader, Feb. 2021 (Honors English Tutoring)

Love and Happiness

I used to think college is a bit intimidating socially, but your tips in the class now give me courage to be my own person. I can assert my own ways dealing with anyone who tries to give me advice that is skewed in their way. 


Rising College Freshman, Aug. 2021

Smiling Teen.jpg

I learned that frontloading is used to help you get as much as you can done earlier on so that you have less work to do later. It can improve my time management by allowing me to spend less time on things I could have done earlier on later on. I should always think about what I can do now to make my life easier later.


11th Grader, Aug. 2021

Welcome to

Parents' Words

Young Couple

I feel like my needs have been accommodated. Thuy is very consistent and devoted to the details of my specific issues. Thuy is open, responsive, and maintains good contact with me throughout the week to check in with me. I am very satisfied with her work.


May 2021, Scarsdale High School, 12th Grader

She is a great mentor 

Yellow And White Flowers

Your level of professionalism is of highest standards.

“I have to say you are simply amazing. Your level of professionalism is of highest standards. I am so impressed at how smoothly you communicate with me while not being pushy at all. I wish I could tell your bosses if you have any that they have a gem at their hands.”


-Mother of a 7th Grader, Dec. 2019

Mother and Daughter

So happy 

“Your amazing!  A. just walked in the door so happy:)  She showed me how u set up her calendar ..... brilliant!  Can’t thank u enough."


-Mother of a 10th Grader, April 2019

(Text Message)

Liked working with you

“Thuy, Thanks  for spending the time with us on 12/19/19. It was clear that M. liked working with you.

-Mother of a 7th Grader, Dec. 2019

It gives me structure

As my son joyously expressed “it gives me structure “ and helps him with planning work schedules and organizing English and theology essays.

Name, Title

~Parent of a College Freshman, Jan. 2022

Game Changers

"C's coaching with Thuy went well.  Her tips regarding using google calendar to plan ahead and schedule were game-changers for C.  We are thankful C. was able to maximize his time with Thuy." 

-Mother of a 7th Grader, March 2020


Impossible Situation

"You are a god send. We fell into an impossible situation not knowing how to navigate. You have been so helpful. You are a god send. And it’s true."

~Parent of a College Junior, Sept. 2022

Very helpful

"Thuy is very helpful with W. and it is going extremely well." 


-Mother of a 9th Grader, May 2020

I like seeing her independence.

"Something I notice is that she says she likes the English homework you assign.  Some days she remembers to do it and some days she doesn’t.  When she doesn’t, she wakes up the next morning and realized she forgot yesterday and get to it right away.  So I like seeing her independence.  She cares about her work.  There is a real difference already.  These are the things I like seeing from her so far."  

-Mother of a 9th Grader, Aug. 2020

Valuable lessons

"Thank you for sharing your EF skills expertise with F. this year.  We are looking forward to watching him apply your valuable lessons as the new school year launches."  


-Mother of a 9th Grader, Aug. 2020


She was great!

"I asked P. if he had any suggestions and he said no, she was great!  So there you have it." 


-Mother of a 9th Grader, July 2020


Score 5 on AP Lit 

"She did score 5 on her AP Lit, so I think the training that you had instill on her helped!"

-Mother of a Dual BA Major at UC Berkeley and Sciences Po Paris, May 2020


Understands me

"B. said, Thuy understands me."

-Mother of a 12th Grader at Notre Dame

Prep, Sept. 2020

So excited!

"After your session today he was so excited!! "

-Mother of a 7th Grader, Nov. 2020


He gets things done after your zoom call!

"Thank you Thuy! Whatever you have been, doing, talking about and planning is working. He truly has a pep in his step and motivation to get things done when he gets off the zoom call with you!!"

-Mother of a 7th Grader, Dec. 2020

Learning a tremendous amount 

"S. is consistently challenged with your curriculum and is learning a tremendous amount."

-Father of an 8th Grader, Dec. 2020


Double Thumbs Up

You have done an exceptional job with him and he connected very easily with you which was extremely important. I give you both double thumbs up on a job well done !!!!.


Name, Title

-Mother of a 12th Grader, May 2021


Liked your energy

What drew me to your services? Well, I literally stumbled onto your Zoom webinar when searching for an executive function coach on Facebook. I enjoyed your presentation and liked your energy and thought you’d be a good fit for A. And I was right. :-)



Name, Title

-Mother of a 12th Grader, June 2021

More Organized 

A. seems to have been more organized the last 2 weeks. She has been doing a better job of getting to bed on time and getting ahead of her work (some evenings she even had some time to read or watch some show before going to bed (which hasn't happened for a long time) rather than staying up late finishing work for the next day. So whatever you have been doing in the last 2 weeks or so seems to be working :-)"

Name, Title

~Parent of a 12th Grader, Apr. 2022

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