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Value Anchor

Unlocking The Student’s Inner

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"In my 19 years of experience, it appears the best way to meet the student's immediate needs is by listening to the student and evaluating the student's real-time demonstration of their current skills. I adore this science and art of constantly monitoring and adjusting each student's learning until you get it just right or very close to that. It adds meaning and magic to my day to see students find success."

Thuy’s Favorite Things:

  1. Getting names right the first time (small but important, nevertheless). 

  2. Helping students take pride in their work. 

  3. Showing students the hidden joy and pleasure of learning that they never knew. 

  4. Remembering each student's favorite things (so fun, each thing is like a small universe, it makes me smile). 

  5. Anticipating what’s the next difficulty for the student and have plan B ready should the student need it. 

  6. Forecasting what’s the next phase in the student’s learning and motivation to increase both even more. 

  7. Knowing student’s favorite phrase(s) by heart (there’s usually one). 

  8. Predicting what would make a difference in a student's motivation and how to channel that to improve learning outcomes. 

  9. Remembering a student’s aura and spirit like a specific locker combination. 

  10. Spotting students’ hidden changes in motivation/learning and adjusting quickly to that. 

  11. Creating a playful language with each student to make learning become a special time in the day.

  12. Knowing what students would think next and using that to set students up for success. 

  13. Getting what the student is trying to say even if they may not say it in the clearest way. 

  14. Helping students feel they’ve become the lesson. They can own it!

My Values: 

  • TPT serves the whole student/individual not just their ADHD/LD symptoms. 

  • TPT's dual expertise meets both students' ADHD/LD and academic needs. 

  • No cookie-cutter approach, each student deserves personalized strategies. 

  • Learning that goes beyond academics.

  • Learning that is applicable to the student's life.

  • Learning that prepares students for the 21st century and beyond. 

  •  TPT takes pride in helping students soar with independence, so families can do more togetherness. My favorite part is letting students know they are well loved!

  • TPT is committed to helping students translate their challenges into actionable steps.

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