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New Appts 2023

"Thuy's amazing. We absolutely want to keep her. I am super super happy with her ability to engage R​. ​and how she was able to get him to do more work than the school does in a whole day. Thank you so much. I'd like information on how I can keep her and how to get additional sessions."


~Parent of a 10th Grader, June 2022

"I am extremely satisfied with Thuy’s coaching.  She is highly  anticipatory of the students needs. 👍..  It is extremely likely that I would recommend her to another parent." 


~Parent of a 12th Grader, Sept. 2021

“TPT provides optimism and support, rigor and appreciation.”

~College Sophomore, Dec. 2022

Please book a complimentary consultation below, so I can learn more about your child's needs. 

"Try TPT you will be delighted, we have engaged her services  since 2021 & what  a difference.  She understands the situations all too well .Her personality makes it easy for the kids to connect well with her. Reach out to her  & decide for yourself."


~Parent of a 2nd Year College Student, Feb. 2022

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