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Hello, I'm Thuy, the blog's author. 

This is a dedicated space for parents, students, and families to understand and support our students. If you'd like to learn more about my tutoring and coaching services, please feel the liberty to contact me.  Also, do subscribe if you adore! 


Understanding The Student

About The Author 


Thank you for visiting my blog!  It is lovely to have you here.  My name is Thuy Truong.  I am a trilingual, licensed professional educator and  executive function coach with certified expertise in pedagogy, cognitive psychology, and ADHD Neuroanatomy.  I help students and adults translate their challenges into actionable steps using pedagogical, cognitive, and ADHD science. I have taught and coached a wide range of student populations from middle school to university level including nontraditional adult college students, neurodiverse and international students.   I find joy in opening new worlds for students.   

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