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ESL Support
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ESL English 


(Speaking, Reading, Writing)

On top of teaching 150 high school students a day with varying levels of English skills and abilities as a certified instructor, coaching adult college students, and working as an adjunct instructor at the college level, I also had taught English to bilingual adult learners in 3 languages:  English, Vietnamese, and Mandarin.   Everything I do is inspired by the student's unique learning style.  To me, the student is the model.    

ESL English focus may be: 

  • Foundational practice on informal and formal English 

  • Consistent understanding and boost of vocabulary usage and commonly used English idioms in and outside the academic realm

  •  Real-time conversational exercises and academic writing practices 

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Motivated me

"I think for me the energy Thuy brings motivated me to do well. I knew I had someone who knew me personally and wanted the best for me. "

Adult Student, Dec. 2015

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