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Thuy P. Truong 
M.A. Ed.

Academics Expert 

"Even though she is so good at professionalism, she does not forget to humanize it and connects with students at a personal level to help them further and make them more comfortable.  I remember when I was going through a difficult situation academically and emotionally, she encouraged me not to drop courses and work harder. She tried to talk to me and understand me like a friend, helped me understand what I needed to correct and genuinely showed care and concern."

As a Certified ADHD and Academics Expert for almost two decades, Thuy helps students achieve independence by meeting their hidden needs, so families can do more togetherness.  Thuy's holistic approach combines Learning Science with ADHD Science to design "brain hacks" that foster students'/individuals' long-term independence, motivation, and self-management skills.   She is diligent in understanding her students and adults on all levels.  As an ADHD expert and certified professional educator, Thuy has the dual expertise to meet both students'/individuals’ hidden ADHD and academic needs simultaneously.  She listens well and loves getting to know her students/adults with a warm, genuine human connection.  Her favorite part is helping individuals and students feel understood and well loved!

Thuy holds a Bachelor degree in Secondary Education and English/Literature as well as a Master's in Educational Administration both from Arizona State University with a full academic scholarship. She graduated Summa Cum Laude while taking care of both of her parents. As a certified English teacher for over a decade supporting general and neurodivergent students, she fully understands diverse learners' cognitive, social, and emotional needs.  She values students'/individuals' natural strengths while giving them skills to soar even higher and boosts their confidence. She is also a former college English instructor and had worked with domestic and international college students from 26 different countries.  In fact, she built Wheelock College's international office from scratch and wrote its first international student services website while teaching there. Thuy also had won first place for her personal essay "Memories Under The Moon."  Thuy enjoys  reading, creative writing, cooking, and volunteering.



  • ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO)
  • Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)
  • ADDitude 
  • Massachusetts Department of Elementary  and Secondary Education
  • Arizona Department of Education
  • National Tutoring Association 

Teacher's Sensitivity
ADHD Expert's  


I marry the student's/individual’s specific cognitive style, emotional nuances, and their ADHD/LD neuroanatomy with practical and creative strategies that maximize daily results.  It is a lot, but it is a lot of fun when I focus on discovering the student’s/individual’s intellectual landscapes, creativity wells, and personality orbits in terms of strengths and unique traits.  A bit of a bookish nerd, but I like this creative process a whole lot as a certified coach and licensed instructor. It's like giving someone a tuxedo fit, except this is an educational and motivational fit. 


The more I thoroughly observe how an individual absorbs and then verbalizes his/her understanding. Immediately, I will see how their brain pathways are wired and illuminated almost like an outline of a lighted lantern on a dark background.  Using ADHD science and learning science, I can connect the dots on how a student/individual  thinks and this informs me what specific tools and strategies that may elevate progress and yield results.  In a nutshell, I help my students and adult ADHDers find an "in" to their personal lighthouse using brain hack strategies.

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Teaching Roles and 

Higher Ed Institutions

San Jose, CA

Boston, MA 

Boston, MA

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*Certified ADHD Professional (ADHD-CCSP) Intensive Training   
*Professional Educator License

(English, 8th-12th grade), Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education
 *Professional Educator License
(English, 7th-12th grade), Arizona Department of Education

Certified Advanced Level Professional Academic Coach and Seasoned Executive Function  Coach With 
Certified ADHD Professional (ADHD-CCSP) Intensive Training
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