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Distance Learning

"Without fail, you’ll learn a lot in Thuy’s class. Similarly, you’ll have a lot of fun. There was not a moment in this class that I was not captivated by what I was learning and how Thuy taught it." 


May 2021, Rising 9th Grader 


The 9-Session University Success Playbook 

University Success

(Grades 12th - college)

This one-on-one , 9-hour course will give students all the foundational college success tips and strategies to have a smart start every semester.  You will accomplish more in a less amount of time on a daily basis.  You will feel like you can hit the ground running the entire semester. 

*Personalized instruction tailored to student's needs and grade level available as needed.  

What you'll learn:  (Each session is 60 minutes). Flexible schedule. 

Session 1:  How to frontload your systems of efficiency and time-savers. 

Session 2: How to understand syllabi and what to do with them.

Session 3: How to absorb knowledge and move it into long-term memory.

Session 4: How to utilize campus resources and get the most out of them.

Session 5: How to get to know your professors and cultivate professional relationships from the very start.

Session 6: How to prepare before each class and be ahead of the game.

Session 7: How to use professors' office hours to boost your academic performance and maintain high marks. 

Session 8: How to function in group assignments and hold your study partners accountable.

Session 9: How to say no to negative influences and temptations in college. 

The 10-Session Critical Writer Guide: Write Effortlessly 

Critical Writer

"The invaluable things I got from your advisement and class are leveraging access to my class schedule, do dry runs through the classes helped me know which ‘vibe was which building was which name’

Great first day of college."

(Grades 7th - college)

This one-on-one, 10-hour course will give students solid writing strategies to blossom and broaden their horizon into a high-caliber writer who can write with depth and breadth about any given topic in the academic realm.  Students will learn to operate as a systematic thinker who can communicate complex ideas in various avenues from concrete to abstract and the reverse. 

*Personalized instruction tailored to student's needs and grade level available as needed. 

What you'll learn:  (Each session is 60 minutes).  Flexible schedule. 

Session 1:  Understanding your writing topic.

Session 2: Planning a thorough essay.

Session 3: Drafting and sequencing your essay with ease.

Session 4: Give your topic a unique bent.

Session 5:  Finding your individual voice. 

Session 6: Fully back up your thesis statement. 

Session 7: Love your brainchild by proofreading your paper.

Session 8: How to heighten the paper's logic. 

Session 9: How to make the audience can't argue with you.

Session 10:  How to make your essay work for you.

"I really enjoyed the fun ways the instructor incorporates artistic avenues to teach writing skills and still makes it academic. Overall, I think I really benefited from the way writing strategies were taught."

~10th Grader, May 2024

Critical Reader

The 10-Session Critical Reader Guide: Unlock Reading Comprehension  

(Grades 7th - college)

This one-on-one, 10-hour course will give students advanced critical thinking skills to process, digest, and question what they read.  The critical thinker will understand both the surface level and the deeper meaning of various text/genres  from multiple perspectives (socially, culturally, academically, and personally).  The student will learn the science of how to think not just what to think. 

*Personalized instruction tailored to student's needs and grade level available as needed.  

What you'll learn:  (Each session is 60 minutes).  Flexible schedule. 

Session 1:  Inference:  Understanding the invisible by digging deeper.

Session 2:  Active reading:  Keep the pen moving. 

Session 3: Paraphrase to perfection. 

Session 4: Process of elimination. 

Session 5: Find the bigger message.

Session 6: Asking meaningful questions.

Session 7: Connecting the dots. 

Session 8: Can you feel the author's pain? 

Session 9: Perspective-taking is a walk in the park. 

Session 10:  And people relate to this masterpiece, why?  

"Jane Eyre is now my favorite book because of your class. The life lesson that stuck with me the most from this novel was that everyone must go through struggles to fully understand themselves and the route that they want to take in life. I really enjoyed the reading strategies that were covered in this class."

~11th Grader, Mar. 2024

The 5-Session High Performer's Compass:  The Executive Function Suite 

A+ Every Time

(Grades 7th - college)

This one-on-one, 5-hour course will give students fundamental skills to get schoolwork done in a systematic way and able to juggle effortlessly with multiple competing obligations in an efficient, impeccable, and stress-free manner.  The students will also learn how to create and maintain personal, organizational systems for daily usage and convenience while completing high-quality work consistently. 

*Personalized instruction tailored to student's needs and grade level available as needed.

What you'll learn:  (Each session is 60 minutes). Flexible schedule. 

Session 1:  How to monitor and manage workload using the ultimate time management hacks.

Session 2:  How to organize deadlines from multiple channels.

Session 3: How to turn complex tasks into manageable mini projects.

Session 4: How to analyze assignments' directions to produce a thoughtful academic assignment.

Session 5: How to skillfully submit and store assignments both for current and future learning.

"S. is consistently challenged with your curriculum and is learning a tremendous amount."

​-Father of an 8th Grader, Dec. 2020

Anchor 1

A Drawing Narrative:  Executive Function (EF) For Career Success (The Perfect Portable EF Playbook)

Drawin Narrative

( College Students & Adults, No Drawing Skills Required )


Do you often experience administrative tasks avoidance in your work life?  Do you feel your mind is running, but get nothing done?  Whether you are a seasoned professional or a soon college graduate looking for a seamless career transition, this may be a game changer for you.  This one-on-one course will cover hidden tips and strategies to execute efficient and time-bound ways to achieve your productivity goals every day.  In addition, you will learn the art of collecting all pieces of the puzzle when it comes to complex project management and strategically put the puzzle together in a timely fashion.  You will also combat emails by filtering the unfilterable.  You will leverage automation to the fullest to keep your to-do’s list short and get in between tasks done easily.  Follow up tasks?  There IS A WAY to make this a one and done deal.  Sweet, right?  It gets better.  You will also get tricks on how to balance between yours and your boss’ needs as well as navigating tricky social etiquette without sacrificing your personal values.  Additionally, you will have a vast arsenal of strategies to create healthy boundaries while remaining a high performer.  Save the best for last:  you will have all these best kept secrets with you anytime and anywhere because visual memory is ADHD’s superpower, (hence the drawing narrative style of this course).  Your superpower is your own, embrace it! 

*Personalized instruction tailored to student's needs and educational level available as needed.

What you'll learn:  (10 Sessions.  Each session is 60 minutes). Flexible schedule. 

Session 1: 

Administrative Tasks:  Make routine administrative tasks more concise, effective, and time-bound to execute.

Session 2: 

Project Management:  Collect all the pieces of the puzzles and start putting it all together. 


Impulsivity And Boredom: Maintain your emotional and physical inertia by leveraging natural breaks within your surrounding environment. 

Session 4: 

Emails:  Filter the unfilterable with wise hacks that are closer than you think. 

Session 5: 

To-Do List:  Let’s take the usual list to the next level and make it shadow you everywhere for ease and convenience.  

Session 6:

Meeting Notes:  Make meeting notes a one and done engagement, so you can send the minutes out right away when the meeting is done.  

Session 7:

Office Politics:  Balance between meeting your supervisor’s needs while getting the career elevation that you need now and the future. 

Session 8: 

Unwritten Social Rules:  Navigate the complex human connection in a professional landscape with authentic subtleties and striking, strategic thinking to maneuver tricky social situations.  

Session 9: 

Unwritten Workplace Rules:  Create a healthy boundary between your professional and personal life while remaining a high performer.

Session 10: 

Covering Your Bases:  Clarify to reduce room for error and enhance communication proactiveness to highlight your attention to details while preserving personal accountability.

“I really enjoyed the side projects for this mini course and how the mandala described different layers of executive function in the workplace.” 

~First Year College Student, June 2023


"I learned that the key to productivity is to make your routines varied,  make it fun, and keep yourself interested.  For example, go exercise after you are done with all your work or take a dance class at the end of the day.  Sometimes changing the mood will be enough, like writing emails in an old castle because you're listening to that type of playlist with a crackling fireplace.  It doesn't have to break your wallet, but it does have to keep you interested in the work."  


~College Freshman, Apr. 2023

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