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TPT takes genuine pride in unparalleled academic support and coaching services by serving the whole student.  Our holistic approach encompasses threefold the expertise hence threefold the student success. Our primary aim is to give students the best of all worlds.

Expert In Cognitive Psychology 

Expert In ADHD Neuroanatomy

TPT Difference

The TPT 

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We get our students! Because when you truly care, you notice the hidden things, the little things without missing a beat. That shows we care. That's TPT!

Mother Daughter Portrait

"You are a god send. We fell into an impossible situation not knowing how to navigate.  You have been so helpful.  You are a god send. And it’s true." 


~Parent of a College Junior, Sept. 2022

Why A Certified Teacher With ADHD Training Can Help Your Child Achieve Independence Faster?

WhyCert Teacher

"Thank you for all the time you committed to my son to help him on his journey. Please know that you have been amazing." 


~Mother of a College Freshman, June 2021

"I have noticed that he likes to put everything on the Google calendar like when he works out, when he is on lunch, when he is taking a break.  I do see him more responsible.  That is a testament to your teaching and coaching. " 


~Mother of a 9th Grader, Aug. 2021

“Your amazing!  A. just walked in the door so happy:)

She showed me how u set up her calendar ..... brilliant!

Can’t thank u enough."


-Mother of a 10th Grader, April 2019 (text message)

"She is amazing; I don’t know how she does it.  She is a person first.  That’s what I like about Thuy as an instructor."  


~Parent of a Rising College Freshman, Aug. 2021

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