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"He truly has a pep in his step and motivation to get things done when he gets off the zoom call with you!!"

​-Mother of a 7th Grader, Dec. 2020


What is executive function coaching? 

How does it help students? 

Executive function (EF) skills are vitally important to students' learning and long-term academic success.  I like to use the analogy that executive function is like the assembly line of logical thinking.  That is, deciding when to do what, what should go where and why.  It is the region in the brain that controls memory, planning or flexible thinking, and self-regulation.  Students with learning differences often need executive function support, though they can be equally smart as their peers.  Research has shown that executive function skills can be honed, practiced, and developed over time with consistent coaching and student implementation.  


I can help a student who needs executive function support with: 

  • Time management (gain time awareness, use Google calendar/other organizational tools, estimate time for tasks)

  • Organization (folder/backpack weed out, homework management, turning work in on time, getting things done without reminders)

  • Study Skills (note-taking skills, how to study for tests, how to ask for help)

  • Additional focus areas that the student wishes to explore and benefit from that match the student's goals, interests, and lifestyle 


No matter where the student is in the process, I can help the student translate challenges into actionable steps so that the student can  move towards autonomy and independence.   In the presence of executive function support, all students can shine brightly.


“Yippy Yeah!!!!
Thank you as always. I’m excited to see that all the efforts are bearing fruit……
I notice a great deal of all round maturity in J. She is becoming more & more confident , and takes pride in taking care of things
as she should without constant reminders.
She can now appreciate the benefit of getting her academics work done ahead with less stress.
Well Done Thuy.”

~Parent of a College Sophomore, Feb. 2023

Thank you so much.. you made a very good connection with him..


He is naturally hard working & really a great kid. I am glad that he can see the positive results of his hard work .... that is rewarding. 

-Mother of a 12th Grader, Saint Joseph Preparatory School, April 2021

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I feel like my needs have been accommodated. Thuy is very consistent and devoted to the details of my specific issues. Thuy is open, responsive, and maintains good contact with me throughout the week to check in with me. I am very satisfied with her work.


~May 2021, Scarsdale High School, 12th Grader

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The coach is highly responsive and resourceful and very open to suggestions.


~Parent of an 11th Grader, Sept. 2021

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Smiling Teenage Boy

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

“Thank you so much. He is enjoying the sessions with you. He endorsed the benefits. I can see the eagerness to get work done, he is less anxious & more confident which I greatly appreciate. A. is thriving and will definitely soar above his challenges in due time.”

~Parent of a College Freshman, Feb. 2023

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A Young Man in the Library

Thuy's amazing. We absolutely want to keep her. I am super super happy with her ability to engage R​. ​and how she was able to get him to do more work than the school does in a whole day. Thank you so much. I'd like information on how I can keep her and how to get additional sessions.


~Parent of a 10th Grader, June 2022

Mother and Daughter

Your coaching has enabled my child to acquire skills and much needed support for time management, organization to stay on top of his academic works, unlock his potential and thrive ….


~Parent of a College Freshman, Sept. 2021 

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I learned that you should check your plan between assignments to make sure you adhere to your plan as much as possible. Use a timer to count down the time you have remaining for working on a single task and write down how much more of or less time it took than what you had planned. If you need extra time, give yourself a reasonable amount, and if you get stuck on something, write it down so that you can figure out if you need help on it. You should also remove any potential distractions from your work space before getting to work so that you can stay on task during work time. This includes taking care of any needs such as hunger beforehand and putting away any distracting items.

-11th Grader, June 2022

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