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A Dual Expert:
A Brief Conversation With Thuy Truong 

"I notice the little things about students.  People may not even notice that  it's there, but somehow I just have a careful eye in really seeing that.  And I kind of take that gem and put it in a special box and make a project out of it."

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 Teaching & Coaching 

"It's a more spontaneous and adventurous way to teach and coach.  When you are still in anticipation for any small sprinkled dust of magic that happens along the way, and you are completely open to it. It's a lot of fun because I get to know the student...and I just see many possibilities in refining my teaching and coaching." 

Science Meets Humanity

"A lot of times my teaching and coaching are evidence-based, but I always add a touch of humanity in there.  I always add a touch of being human in there... It meets the students' hidden and visible needs." 

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