Bright EF Tips to End The Semester With Fireworks

| by Thuy Truong, M.A. Ed., TPT Teaching and Coaching, 12/2/2020|

Nothing feels so delicious as acing a few exams right before the holidays because it makes the time off feel like such a sweet treat and that you’ve earned it. Most of all, there’s nothing sweeter than doing the things that will be building your future while making the process more enjoyable. It is the best of both worlds. Furthermore, it is a total adrenaline rush to be completely present in the moment. That is, when it is time to work hard, you work hard. When it is time to play, you play hard. Personal victories have never tasted so sweet. Here are three fool-proof strategies on how to have a productive final exam week.

Consolidate to Uncomplicate

We live in a world streaming with constant influx of information 24/7. We get dates, data, and information from a wide array of online sources. Things can get confusing very fast. To make things easier for ourselves, we should value simplicity. That is, we should make a conscious effort to make the complicated simple. But why, it’s already in an online calendar? But that is someone else’s calendar, you need your own that meets your specific academic needs and organizational style. Also, why go through five clicks and three websites just to get to a few scattered deadlines and information when you can re-organize all the information you need on a sleek, consolidated, self-designed sheet (Excel, Google calendar, planner etc.) that will give you concise information in 60 seconds every time? Most importantly, if you put all your exam dates into a single sheet (your sheet), you automatically get a bird’s eye view of your exam week. Then, you can easily come up with a game plan to survive exam week stress-free. At a glance, you immediately see your heavier and lighter days (e.g., I see 2 days where I have 3 exams back to back? Game plan?) Design your schedule, design your life.