Build Your Child’s Independence So You Can Step Back (During COVID)

| by Thuy Truong, M.A. Ed., TPT Teaching and Coaching, 10/7/2020 |

It is an understatement to say parents have been burning their candles at both ends since the start of the pandemic. Though wearing multiple hats at home on top of professional obligations is a task beyond human power, I sincerely believe that parents have pulled through simply because of the sheer power of love that they have for their children. Thus, we all have been weathering this storm together to this very day. Despite the vast difficulties, I am sure it is the parents’ deepest wish to provide the best for their kids during this extraordinary time. Good news! I have a few suggestions that will improve your child’s executive function skills while providing a stress reliever for parents because your child’s daily independence will be good for the both of you. If the child can self-regulate at least 80% of the daily routines, you can begin to experience the joy of stepping back. Your parenthood is golden.

Post Major Routines, Roles, and Expectations