Conquer Procrastination Paralysis: An Executive Function Power Skill

| by Thuy Truong, M.A. Ed., TPT Teaching and Coaching, 6/23/2021|

You know you should be tackling your to-do list, but you are entranced by that YouTube clip or an enticing show on Netflix. You know you should be doing your assigned reading, but you find yourself cleaning away instead. You know you should start that school project; however, you have landed on Facebook and made plans to hang out with friends instead. If these scenarios sound familiar to you or someone you know, then do know it is called procrastination paralysis. It means one is stuck in limbo mode in productivity land because one does not have a firm task initiation plan. The more one procrastinates, the more anxiety one generates, then it leads to more procrastination until the vicious cycle invites you to an unescapable deadline that often requires an all nighter or something close to it. Good news: There is a way out! There are three classic, sequential steps to cut through this stress.

1. Catch Yourself

Self-awareness is vitally important to enhancing a healthy mindset in order to maximize daily productivity. Keep track of your mental patterns and triggers, then find healthy and creative ways to mitigate your mental habits. You can allot 10 minutes nightly to record your day, what went well, what did not go well. Reflect on what you may do differently next time to actively control your triggers in order to recalibrate your mindset and stabilize your mood. You may look back at your journal entries at the end of each week to see emerging patterns and start making a better plan for the following week to protect your energy and productivity. There is no one-size solution that fits all because everyone is triggered in different ways emotionally by different things, but self-analysis is a step closer to finding a personalize