The Morning Routine That Accelerates Executive Function Skills And Aids Academic Concentration

| by Thuy Truong, M.A. Ed., TPT Teaching and Coaching, 9/1/2021|

As adults, we all have the matured perspective that what we do in the morning sets the tone for the day. This is quite a prominent fact. Our morning routine will often linger in our emotions and continue to inspire us throughout the day. We also know if we start out our morning watching Netflix or YouTube videos, it will take away that energetic stamina from our inspiration and momentum from our productivity, so we consciously steer clear of morning activities that will dim our spark for productivity. To combat that further, we take care of ourselves in the morning with personal hygiene and delightful nutrition to rejuvenate ourselves physically and mentally. The temptation will always be there, but we know what to do to not let the sheer wish for pure entertainment and relaxation mode get the best of us. This is a core skill that students who need executive function support need to develop. They need to learn how to use structure, organization, and discipline as an internal locomotive for self-motivation and self-management. The surest way to instill this into your child's psyche is institutionalizing a morning routine with these four timeless ingredients: