Three Most Overlooked Emotional Hacks to Improving Executive Functioning

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

| by Thuy Truong, TPT Teaching and Coaching, 9/22/2020|

My heart always tells me that the secret is within each student. What I mean by that is, if you listen closely to a student, you will uncover to some extent where exactly is their roadblock. Sometimes, it is a physical roadblock like the student is using the wrong type of planner to optimize organization. Other times, their roadblock is an emotional one, like I once told a student with writing anxiety that “you’re only wrong if you can’t back it up.” This deceptively simple yet thought provoking sentence had unleashed an unlimited amount of creativity and freedom for her because it completely liberated her from the fear of being wrong. This was what I would call an emotional or psychological solution, and it took this student to a new plateau as she blossomed from a cocoon into a butterfly in the realm of academic writing.

Three powerful psychological hacks to help a student get unstuck with executive functioning challenges:

Craft a Motivational Mantra

Words are powerful at their core. They move us; they also give us wings. Words simply make our souls take flight. It would be helpful to keep track of what kinds of words inspire and motivate your student, especially when they are feeling frustrated, angry, and stuck. If parents notice consistently, you will soon see a pattern after a while and use this language pattern to help your student craft a personal saying that resonates with them emotionally. It will be an astounding solution that soothes and heals deep seated feelings that got your student stuck in the first place.