According to The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, 60% of first-year students experience college unpreparedness.  Most students do not have the life and academic skills necessary to navigate college life academically, socially, and health-wise.  While many post-secondary institutions have made plans to address these skill gaps, but none that concretely gives students the skills that they need like time management, independent study, decision-making, and social pragmatics.  This is why we offer this class to rising college freshmen, so they can obtain university success and confidence right out of the gate.  Bonus:  This will be taught by a former college instructor; thus, students will get the inside scoop.  


$2,250 (cover sessions) + $10 (supplemental worksheets) 

This one-on-one , 9-hour course will give students all the foundational college success tips and strategies to have a smart start every semester.  You will accomplish more in a less amount of time on a daily basis.  You will feel like you can hit the ground running the entire semester. 

*Personalized instruction tailored to student's needs and grade level available as needed.  

What you'll learn:  (Each session is 60 minutes). Flexible schedule. 

Session 1:  How to frontload your systems of efficiency and time-savers. 

Session 2: How to understand syllabi and what to do with them.

Session 3: How to absorb knowledge and move it into long-term memory.

Session 4: How to utilize campus resources and get the most out of them.

Session 5: How to get to know your professors and cultivate professional relationships from the very start.

Session 6: How to prepare before each class and be ahead of the game.

Session 7: How to use professors' office hours to boost your academic performance and maintain high marks. 

Session 8: How to function in group assignments and hold your study partners accountable.

Session 9: How to say no to negative influences and temptations in college. 


Student Reviews: 

"College strategies that I most loved: one, you can put it in a list -> divide and conquer. Two: I have every emergency phone number on speed dial so if anything goes down you can call them."


-Freshman at Regis College, July 2021 


“It was helpful going into specifically the mechanics and the prominence of how the use-it-or-lose-it principle works in the brain and how essential it is to study information outside of class.”


-Rising Freshman in College, July 2021


“Treat your professors like a new mentor. They’re like a new branch of support you can hang on to and gain from, and be kind and attentive in return. That they are because they are the voice of experience and wisdom.” 


- Incoming Freshman, June 2020


“I like filling out  the scavenger hunt form of all the academic support services that my university offers, especially how to request those services.  It makes me feel confident that I go into my first semester already knowing how to request support with my academic advisor and writing center.” 


 -Freshman, May  2021


The 9-Session University Success Playbook

  • Thuy Truong, M.A. Ed., Executive Function Expert & English Instructor

    -Former tenured high school and college instructor (Wheelock College, Urban College of Boston, San Jose State University)

    -16 years experience in teaching and coaching diverse students (11 yrs in Special Ed)

    -Trained with Syracuse University, Americans With Disabilities Act

    -Executive Function Expert

    -Certified Coach

    -Licensed Professional Educator (7th-12th), Massachusetts & Arizona Department of Education

    -Graduated summa cum laude in English & Secondary Education (MA in Ed Supervision)

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    Professional Affiliations: 

    • Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)

    • Massachusetts Department of Elementary  and Secondary Education

    • Arizona Department of Education

    • National Tutoring Association