Summer 2021 And Year-Round Courses

Did you know that a traditional school year won't be enough to get your child caught up due to learning loss resulting from the pandemic?  Research also has indicated that summer learning and enrichments may be the most reliable way to close students' knowledge gap due to COVID-19 and get them caught up before another new school year begins.  Whether you are looking for viable options to prepare your child for a successful Fall 2021 or you would like your child to get ahead in learning.  TPT Teaching and Coaching has great options for you all year round. 

The 9-Session University Success Playbook 

(Grades 12th - college)

Did you know nearly a third of college freshmen drop out before their sophomore year?   College readiness is vitally important in assisting students reach timely graduation in their college career.  This course will prepare students to start every college semester the right way.  

The 10-Session Critical Writer Guide 

(Grades 7th - college)

Writing skills are the key determinant for students' long-term academic and career success.  Whether you'd like to see your student  achieve high caliber school performance or taking their writing skills to the next level.  Writing is one of the 21st century skills; this course will get your student there.  

The 10-Session Critical Reader Guide 

(Grades 7th - college)

Like critical writing, critical reading skills expand and enhance student learning in every subject.  Critical thinking gets cultivated and nurtured through advanced reading skills.  Solid reading skills will help students get high marks on many other classes not just English.  

The 5-Session High Performer's Compass:  A+ Every Time 

(Grades 7th - college)

Believe it or not, top students do have their secret sauce to getting high marks in every class.  They do!  The good news is now I will show you how they get it done.  If they can do it, so can you!  

"Thuy’s lessons are packed with information. I feel as though in one week of Thuy classes I can learn, and understand, the amount of work any other teacher would cover within two. Knowing how fast I can progress under Thuy’s instruction is extremely satisfying."

-9th Grader, Feb. 2021