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Our summer executive function workshops often sell out.  We encourage that you reserve your child's spot early and take advantage of early bird pricing.  

1-Day Intensive Workshop:  

Thurs. Aug 15th, 2024

10a-1:30p PST/1p-4:30p ET

Early Bird: $385 (Ends 4/30/24)| Regular Price: $437

Enrollment Closes:  Aug. 12, 2024 at 5p PST

Students Would Benefit From This Workshop If They...

  • Feel constantly overwhelmed by academics, school assignments and daily activities 

  • Struggle to finish schoolwork in a timely fashion

  • Do not have planning and organizational systems in place 

  • Are not able to manage academic work on- and offline

Students In This Workshop Will Learn...

  • Starting and finishing tasks independently without other adults' cues 

  • Breaking down multi-step assignments with ease and confidence 

  • Note-taking for multifaceted purposes from tests to essays

  • Practicing self-care as performance protection 

  • Bonus:  Free Take-Home Mini EF Book

Workshop Designed And Led By ADHD & Academics Expert Of 18 Years 

  • Extensive, certified classroom teaching experience with high schoolers

  • Compassionate and skillful in teaching diverse learners of all levels

  • Participants gain confidence and competence in deep executive functioning skills

  • Attendees learn the depth and breadth of TPT's highly effective learning strategies

What Are People Saying 

My favorite tip is keeping up a mental momentum to start and finish tasks on time. She taught me how to use short breaks for using it to do work, so I'll have less work at the end.  I think her way of teaching is interesting and fun. 

10th Grader, Aug. 2022

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