Self-Compassion for Parents: You Are The Best Lesson

| by Thuy Truong, M.A. Ed., TPT Teaching and Coaching, 10/27/2020|

Imagine this! I had a high school teacher who delivered her students into the world of books by having us journal on fresh, summer grass against a shimmering, sunset sky. This was her elegant introduction to the transcendentalism unit. The simplicity of the idea still makes me remember it until this day. Deep learning is beautiful yet simple. While parents are continuously navigating the homeschooling landscape and the daunting task of being diligent, at-home teachers, you are rightfully concerned with securing the best educational practices for your child, but true learning is about nurturing the learner’s thirst for curiosity and the playful process of intellectual inquiry. The most vital and memorable lesson you can teach your child right now is why learning is valuable and the beauty of thoughts. If you can model for your kids a few moments a day the agile mind of a lifelong learner, your child will learn to love learning for years to come. So have some self-compassion for yourself and your students, the eternal lesson that your child will remember forever is how to love learning and learning itself along with critical thinking skills will gradually unlock a host of other crucial skills needed for life and academic success. This is the best legacy you can leave to your children now and post-pandemic. You are the best lesson because the life skills that you instill in your child now will lead them to greater academic success later, for strong life skills often perpetuate and blossom into intellectual habits. You can start passing down your golden wisdom with a few flexible suggestions below:

The Lesson is in the Vulnerability

While many parents are understandably worried their students will be behind academically, they naturally want to be armed wit