Sleep Is Productivity In Disguise: The Deeper Truth About Students' Productivity

Updated: Jan 21

| by Thuy Truong, M.A. Ed., TPT Teaching and Coaching, 1/19/2021|

Mental and physical energies are a prerequisite to high-quality productivity. If so, then self-care is the lifeblood to all successes, but especially academic success. Energy is replenished through regimented self-care. The life of the mind relies heavily on the health of the body. Think of all that has to happen before a student shows up and ace a test:

-8 hours of sleep


-Study routine

-Wake up on time

-Feel confident


-Pack materials the night before

-Consistent practice and rehearsal of knowledge

If you would like your child to leverage their academic strengths, you need to help your child embed consistent self-care routines into their daily life. Health is wealth; health is also energy. And energy is the currency needed for high-caliber academics. Below are three foundational ways to replenish and maintain mental and physical energy to accelerate academic excellence while developing foundational executive funct