Time Management's Game Changers That Will Help Your Student Cut Losses During Distance Learning

| by Thuy Truong, M.A. Ed., TPT Teaching and Coaching, 3/8/2021|

On the surface, online learning may seem like it is more convenient because students don't have to physically report to class and a cascade of unending online resources available 24/7 seem enough for academic performance. However, technologies move at the speed of light means students have to keep up with the same caliber. In reality, distance learning requires students to be more vigilant than ever before about time management in order to keep up with schoolwork thereby mastering the art of digital education. Because academic time has become more blurred and fluid within the virtual world, students need to adopt a far more sophisticated mindset and attitude towards time management to make the most of distance learning. I hope online learners will practice the following perspectives on time management to increase the quality of their education in these extraordinary times.

Mindset #1: You Need To Believe A Time Crunch WILL Happen.